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The First Jebiographic Post


Hello and welcome! You have stumbled upon an introductory post of my personal and docile blog. My name is Jeb and this is my very first blog post. I am from Sydney, Australia. I created this blog just to document what is happening in my life. I am not a writer and was never into to literary work as far as I can remember, but lately I find writing and taking pictures interesting. So now I will combine both and try blogging .

This blog will be a compilation of my life experiences; places I travel, food I eat, hobbies I spend my time with, art and style I admire and whatever topic I’m inspired with. Everything will be in amateur level so don’t expect much. Be humane with the comments please. Enjoy!


  1. Karen Karen

    Great job jeb!

    • Jeb Jeb


  2. Geeta Geeta

    Love the site! Good job!

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