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My Seoul Adventure


Seoul, the capital of Republic of Korea is a city both modern and traditional. Old palaces and temples stand in stark contrast with modern structures and towering skyscrapers while valued traditions exist harmoniously with modern technology and pop culture.



This awesome city has been on my travel list for a while. Ever since Korean pop culture became popular few years ago, I have been wanting to see the Land of the Morning Calm. My very first Korean culture encounter was with the Korean drama Endless Love way back in 2003. Although I may have only watched 2 episodes of it, I was mesmerised with the new kind of culture and beauty Korea has, not to mention Song Hye-kyo was in it. Then there was Kpop; Super Junior, SNSD, Rain, Wonder Girls (my Korean friend consider them old or maybe classic). Korean songs with catchy beats ruled the airwaves as well as the flashy music videos dominating television channels and the internet. Kpop cemented itself as a global phenomenon when PSY’s Gangnam Style becoming the most watched Youtube video with more than @ billion views. 2 billion and counting!


It was autumn when I visited Seoul, the best season to check out the palaces. Their gardens were like palettes of all the autumn colours you can think of. The season adds to the feel of ancient Korea especially if you are a fan of Korean period dramas. Anyone seen Jumong?


As much as I want to visit all the highlighted tourist spots in the, 9 days was not enough. I was able to visit three palaces, Myeong-dong, Insadong, Coex Mall, Itaewon, Gangnam, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Hongdae and Bukchon Hanok Village. I tried to plan ahead but as always, something comes up and the schedule breaks apart. Anyway you won’t call it adventure if you got everything planned in the first place.


I will be featuring the places I visited in the coming posts. Please visit again. Thanks for visiting my blog!